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Biscuit and Chocolate Basket

Biscuit and Chocolate Basket

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A delicious and elegant basket for a tasteful gift. Delicious cookies from Biscoiteria Cacau Show and premium chocolate Bendito Cacao. Take the opportunity to schedule today this lovely surprise!

What's in the Basket?

Handcrafted wooden chest decorated for a gift, containing:
Spice flavored Caramelized Biscuit from Biscoiteria Cacau Show, 100g,
Vanilla Flavor Cookies with Milk Chocolate from Biscoiteria Cacau Show, 120g ,
Mini-Sheet Stuffed Wafer from Biscoiteria Cacau Show, 80g ,
Dedo de Deus Reserve Chocolate 67% Cocoa from Bendito Cacau, 100g,

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