Romantic Gifts

Surprise your love with UniGifts' collection of romantic gifts! Our exclusive baskets and kits combine gourmet items, plush toys, chocolates, wines and beauty products, perfect for creating unforgettable moments. With fast and safe delivery throughout Brazil, including express deliveries within 2 hours to São Paulo, you guarantee practicality and quality. Personalize your gift and show your affection with elegance and sophistication. The perfect gift to surprise your loved one!

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Kit Amor com Flores - UniGifts Presentes Especiais

Love Kit with Flowers

R$ 154,00 BRL
Kit containing: Plush with Love plaque, and bouquet of dehydrated flowers.
Kit Presente "Todas as Cores do Amor" - UniGifts Presentes Especiais

Gift Kit "All the Colors of Love"

R$ 276,90 BRL
Ideal gift to celebrate one of the most beloved dates. What products make up this gift? Chandon Baby Rosé Sparkling Wine 187ml Body Splash Kit + Body Lotion Pure Seduction...
Kit Rosas Perfumadas e Chocolates - UniGifts Presentes Especiais

Scented Roses and Chocolates Kit

R$ 315,00 BRL
The Small size Box Flowers are produced with high quality permanent flowers, they are fragrant and come with a Spray Soul Perfume Refill, as soon as necessary, the perfume must...
Kit de Velas com Luminária Pequeno Príncipe - UniGifts Presentes Especiais

Little Prince Candle Kit with Light

R$ 205,00 BRL
Klaroma Candles are 100% vegetable candles, with raw materials based on coconut and palm wax, they burn softly and continue to provide a great exhalation of perfume and leave the...
O Amor Está Nas Pequenas Coisas - UniGifts Presentes Especiais

Love Is In The Little Things

R$ 189,90 BRLR$ 159,99 BRL
"Love Is in the Little Things" is more than a simple gift basket. It is a sincere expression of affection, carefully selected to convey deep emotions. With Chandon 187ml, toast...
Cesta Carinho com Chocolates com Balão Coração - UniGifts Presentes Especiais

Affection Basket with Chocolates with Heart Balloon

R$ 143,90 BRL
Do you want to gift someone special with a sweet surprise? The Gift Basket with Sweets is a fun and caring choice for children or adults of all ages! This...
Buquê de Flores Perfumadas em Vaso - UniGifts Presentes Especiais

Bouquet of Scented Flowers in Vase

R$ 149,00 BRL
Gift this delicate kit and express all your affection and love for someone special. What products make up this gift? Artificial Flower Vase 10x7 cm Home Spray Perfume Soul Olfactory...
Cesta Presente Matinal com Balão Love - UniGifts Presentes Especiais

Morning Gift Basket with Love Balloon

R$ 164,90 BRL
This basket is a great option to give as a gift and surprise. Contains several items for a complete and tasty breakfast and/or afternoon snack. The Morning Gift Basket with...
Gift with Lindt Chocolates and I Love You Bear

Gift with Lindt Chocolates and I Love You Bear

R$ 260,88 BRL
Why is this a special gift? Gift this delicate kit and express all your affection and love for someone special. What products make up this gift? Lindt Swiss Chocolate Candies...