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3D Origami Card - Birthday

3D Origami Card - Birthday

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Origami card, with ready-made message options and customizable number.

(Indicate age number, desirable in order notes)


To add the message to the card in your basket, select one of the options above.

Message 1:
Congratulations on another year full of achievements and challenges overcome. Now your dreams and goals are renewed and my sincere wish is that you can achieve all your goals today and always.

Message 2:
Today is a day of great happiness. Another step taken in the journey of your life, another step overcome with praise. It's the day when good memories accumulate and hopes are renewed. Congratulations!

Message 3:
I wish that, on this special day, joy predominates in your soul, peace in your heart and prosperity in your life. Cheers!

Message 4:
May this moment of happiness continue throughout the year, filling it with good health, joy and tranquility. May with each new birthday you accumulate only good memories and create a collection of laughter and hugs.

Message 5:
Do you know what's hidden inside the cake? A big congratulations and a sincere wish for happiness, harmony, prosperity and peace!

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