Beer and Snack Tasting Kit

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A charming option to give as a gift on special occasions. Choose the delivery date and time and we will take great care to make your gift very special! See the detailed description below and be excited and surprised with this beautiful gift!

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Descrição detalhada

Why is this a special gift?

A great gift kit, with beers selected especially for palates that appreciate hops and malt.

What products make up this gift?

Main stars:

Anchor Steam Beer
Anchor Steam Beer is pure history, tradition and quality. Its name “Steam” came from beers produced on the East Coast of the USA, where the production process of these beers uses Lager yeast fermented at high temperatures, as done in Ales, this brings fruity, rich aromas to the beer that remains with light and dry body. The fermenters used are similar to large, open pools, exposed to the environment at the top of the brewery, making it possible to better control the fermentation temperature, as the freezing winds reduce the temperature during fermentation.

Anchor Liberty Ale
This beer has the name and tone of Liberdade. It was the first American Ipa manufactured after the American dry law, where it was prohibited to manufacture, consume and transport any type of alcoholic beverage. Anchor Liberty is made with the best inputs, pale malt and fresh flowering hops, its carbonation brings champagne bubbles due to a process called “bunging” and also has a dry-hop of cascade hops.

Beer Goose Midway Sessions IPA
Aroma of tropical fruits, Midway IPA is a light and refreshing Session IPA. Its entire history is linked to Chicago. Its name comes from the city's 1893 World's Fair. At its center was the Midway Plaisance, an area that showcased the world's first Ferris wheel, bringing together visitors of all nationalities. In this spirit, beer is a session ready to bring together beer lovers from all corners of the planet.

Lagunitas Ipa Beer 355ml
Lagunitas is an American Indian Pale Ale (IPA) style beer that consists of a unique version of an old style, preserving the aroma and bitterness of American citrus and floral hops.

Rice Snack with Kalassi Cheese
Made in Thailand, the rice snack is made with aromatic Thai Jasmine rice. The product is baked and does not contain gluten or trans fat in its composition. In the shape of a disc, it is thin, with a light and crunchy texture, perfect for eating as is or accompanied by pâtés, butters, or cold cuts.

Flormel Parmesan and Gorgonzola Snack
Sour cassava starch, cassava starch, extra virgin olive oil, chickpea flour, grated parmesan cheese, cheese powder, Himalayan pink salt, egg powder, whole milk powder, onion powder, turmeric, nutmeg, pepper kingdom, rosemary extract and sunflower lecithin emulsifier.

Detailed content:
1 Anchor Steam Beer 355 ml (alcohol content 4.8%)
1 Anchor Liberty Ale 355 ml (alcohol content 5.9%)
1 Beer Goose Midway Sessions IPA 355ml (alcohol content 4.1%)
1 Lagunias India Pale Ale 355ml (alcohol content 6.2%)
1 Rice Snack with Kalassi Cheese 100g
1 Flormel Parmesan and Gorgonzola Snack 40g
1 Elma Chips Peanut Eggs

Who is this type of gift intended for?

Lovers of good beers and strong tastes.

Does it come with a gift card?

Yes, at checkout there is a field where you can enter a special gift message, at no additional cost,

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Can I change or customize this product?

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